Why Your Gun Range Needs Liability Insurance

Gun Range Liability Insurance

Gun clubs and shooting ranges are valuable to a community in that they help gun owners handle firearms more skillfully and responsibly to prevent potential accidents. However, since these establishments are often in the middle of growing urban and suburban areas, they may face some issues that threaten business performance.

One of the common problems is the conflict with neighbors and concerned citizens. In some cases, these conflicts may lead to lawsuits seeking damages or calling for the club’s operations to stop. Legal and business experts recommend that gun clubs and range owners get a gun liability insurance program to protect their business from such circumstances.

What is a Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is an insurance product that protects you and your business from claims due to injury or damage to a third-party individual or property as a result of normal operations. This policy covers legal costs and the amount you owe if you are found legally liable for the injury or damage.

What does Liability Insurance Cover?

Different liability insurance policies cover specific actions and situations. Learn which policy will be ideal for a gun club or shooting range like yours.

Commercial General Liability

This type of insurance policy will work for any business. It provides broad coverage for personal injury, bodily injury, and property damage. For these incidents to be covered, they should have resulted from your business operations. An example would be if someone slips in your gun club and sustains an injury from the fall.

Legal Liability

This policy covers criminal allegations. If an injured party sues you, this policy will pay for court charges, including the penalties against you or your establishment.

Personal Liability

This type of insurance covers you individually in case you accidentally caused injuries to another party or damage to someone’s property while operating your range. You may acquire this policy for individuals in your establishment, including your staff, clients, and club members.

Firearms Liability

This policy covers instances where you need to use your registered firearm in self-defense, such as in cases of robbery or intrusion in your property. It is not uncommon for the injured party to sue the person who fired. You may acquire this policy for yourself and your staff and also offer it to your clients.

Protect Yourself and Your Business

Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc. is your partner in protecting your business. We understand the risks you face running a gun club or shooting range. Our insurance products are designed to address these concerns so you can continue to grow your business without anxiety.

Get in touch with the team to find the right liability insurance policy for your business.