Are Gun Shops Considered “Essential” Business during a Pandemic?

Gun Shops Essential During Pandemic

At the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, the US government identified specific businesses allowed to remain open. These included supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants (for takeout and delivery only), pharmacies, banks, laundromats, gas stations, transportation hubs, automotive repair shops, and shelters.

However, a gray area emerged regarding certain types of businesses, such as liquor stores, cannabis dispensaries, hardware stores, and office supply stores. Their continued operation depended on the decision of their state governments.

Gun shops were not included in both the essential and second-essential lists, but 30 states allowed them. Learn why and whether your gun shop needs insurance underwriting for long-term success.

Are Gun Shops Considered Essential?

Thirty US states allowed gun shops to operate during the shelter-in-place period. Their primary arguments were the Second Amendment, and that guns can help public safety and protection at a time when people have limited movement.

Several states, including California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, initially claimed gun stores were not essential in a public health crisis. But they eventually overturned their decisions and declared gun stores and makers essential businesses during the quarantine.

Gun stores were allowed to open in these states on limited hours. Gun lobbying groups were mostly responsible for the change in decision.

How to Protect Your Gun Business during a Crisis

While gun sales rose in some states during the quarantine protocols, a sound insurance policy is essential for any gun business. The pandemic illustrated just how true this is amidst the arguments over the definition of “essential businesses.”

Although vaccine distribution is well underway, there’s no telling when another health crisis may occur that will affect your gun shop. Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc. understands the risks of running a business in these trying times. One of our services is insurance underwriting for gun shops.

Insurance underwriting is the process of conducting a comprehensive risk assessment for your business. The findings of this assessment are used to calculate the price of your coverage in an insurance policy. Getting insurance now will be wise for any business that is in the gray area of essential operations.

Preparing for the worst is one of the simplest ways to future-proof your business. Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc. has been in the insurance underwriting industry for over four decades. We are your partner in protecting your gun store from risks.

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