What You Need to Know About Shooter Insurance

Shooter Insurance

According to the FBI’s 20-year review of active shooter incidents in the US, 106 active shootings occurred in commercial spaces, such as businesses open to pedestrian traffic and malls, between 2000 and 2019. A further 41 incidents occurred in businesses closed to pedestrian traffic.

These incidents involving commercial and business spaces make up 44% of all 333 active shooter incidents in the past 20 years. These also resulted in more than a thousand casualties and millions in damage.

The numbers show how devastating active shooting incidents can be. As such, you have to protect your commercial or business space in case an active shooting occurs. Active shooter liability insurance can help protect you from the financial burden that may result in the wake of an active shooting.

What is Active Shooter Coverage?

The FBI defines an active shooter as “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area” using one or more firearms.

The growth of active shooters in recent years has led to a greater demand for an insurance policy that will cover workplaces and commercial spaces in these situations. Active assailant coverage was developed in response to address this risk.

An active shooter insurance policy combines both property and casualty coverage. It’s a type of insurance that can complement general liability and property coverage most businesses already have. With active insurance coverage, you can add another layer of financial protection against the threat of mass shootings.

What Does Active Shooter Insurance Cover?

Various active shooter insurance packages are available from commercial insurers. These policies may include coverage for the following:

Legal Liability

Workplaces and commercial establishments may be held liable for damages that employees, customers, or guests report in the event of an active shooter. An active shooter insurance policy may cover this liability.
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Medical Expenses

This coverage allows active shooter insurance policyholders to financially assist individuals and their families affected by the event by covering medical or funeral expenses, as well as the death benefit.

Physical Damage

In the wake of an active shooting, physical damage can cost establishments millions in repairs. Active shooter insurance covers these repair costs, which may also include physical security upgrades for the building.

Business Interruption

Business may be put on hold following an active shooting due to investigation and repairs. If your property is insured against active shooters, you may be compensated for the loss of income resulting from this business interruption.

Crisis Management

Active shooting incidents are traumatic, which is why this policy also covers medical services, counseling, psychiatric care, and other crisis management-related expenses.

Who Should Get an Active Shooter Coverage?

It’s advisable for any organization with a physical location to carry an active shooter insurance policy. From malls and hotels to churches and schools, active shooter coverage can help establishments prepare in case of an active shooting.

Protect Your Business from Firearm-Related Losses

Apart from active shooter insurance, there are several other policies that help protect your business from firearms-related damages. Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc. Firearms Business offers insurance solutions, including commercial general liability and property insurance.

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