Property Insurance for Firearms Businesses: What’s Covered?

Property Insurance for Firearm Business

As a business owner, it’s only right that you invest in commercial property insurance to protect your business from fire, theft, and natural disasters. When you run a firearms business, this type of insurance is essential to your operations. Learn how a property insurance program for your gun store or shooting range will benefit you.

What You Get from Commercial Property Insurance

Your firearms business faces the same operational challenges as any other business, including threats to your property. When you’re unprepared for these challenges, you risk paying for property damage or loss from your own pocket. Commercial property insurance policies can cover such expenses. Here’s why you need commercial property insurance for your business.

It covers property damage.

Commercial property insurance protects your gun store or shooting range from damage caused by fire or other natural disasters that can make your property unusable. You may use your coverage to pay for repairs and other expenses to revive your store or range operations.

It covers product loss or damage.

Your commercial property insurance covers the items in your gun store. In case someone breaks in and steals your guns and other firearms, you can ask your insurance company to shoulder the cost of what you lost. Gun stores are especially prone to theft, so this will be valuable to your business.

It makes running your business worry-free.

Commercial property insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters and theft, will not place a burden on your finances. It allows you to direct your attention towards core business operations instead of constantly worrying about what-ifs.

What Insurance Providers Consider when Creating a Plan

Once you’ve decided to get commercial property insurance for your business, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the aspects of an insurance plan. Insurance providers will tweak your insurance program based on the following.
• Location – Properties located in areas with high crime rates typically cost more to insure, while the opposite is true for those in safe neighborhoods.
• Construction – Properties built with fire-resistant materials earn discounts because they are at less risk of burning down.
• Occupancy – Properties are treated differently based on how they’re used. Firearms businesses usually have high premiums because they face more risks than white-collar businesses.
If you’re ready to get your business insured, approach a provider specializing in firearms business insurance.
Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc. is your partner in protecting your gun store or firing range. We provide an insurance plan that considers your risks and protects your business. Talk to us to choose the best policy and coverage.